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2017/12/16 獨立口語考題回顧:

Task 1: If you have opportunities to dosomething for good causes, which of the following would you choose?

1) distributingmeals for needy people

2) helpingchildren build playground

3) seeing peoplein hospital

Task 2: Do you agree or disagree with thefollowing statement? School shouldn’t allow young students to use calculatorduring exam.

2017/12/17 獨立口語考題回顧:

Task 1: Some professors prefer to giveregular quizzes. Some prefer to give surprising quizzes. Please talk about theadvantages and/or disadvantages of surprising quizzes.

Task 2: Some people prefer to stay in touchwith their friends and family members while traveling. Others prefer not to getin touch and stay alone. Which do you prefer and why?


Task 1:

  1. What is the most importanthabit that parents can teach their children?

  1. Imagine that you have to stopusing cellphone for a month, would that be difficult for you?

  1. Which of the following groupswould you like to join: campus newspaper, hiking club or dorm improvementcommittee?

  1. Which of the following classesis the most attractive to students?

  2. 1) Sound engineering

  3. 2) History of rock music

  4. 3) Film studies

  1. Which of the following three doyou think is the most important for a great working environment? Friendlycoworkers, flexible hours or a helpful boss?

  1. If your university is going toinvite someone to give a speech, who do you think they should invite? Abusinessman, a scientist or a politician?

  1. What would you advise somebodywho was planning to come to your country to study?

  1. Which kind of roommate do youprefer: a roommate from a foreign country or a roommate from your own country?

9. Which one of the following do you thinkis the most important quality for an entrepreneur?

1) outgoing

2) clear-minded

3) innovative

  1. Your friend has a bad eating habit. What suggestions would you liketo give this friend?

  1. Your friend is coming to your country for studying, but he or she isworried about the cost. what are the advices you can offer?

  1. Your friend wants to build up a restaurant. What suggestions wouldyou like to give regarding food and location?

  1. Your community has received a large amount of donation, should it beused to construct a playground for children or build a garden for the community?

  1. Which one of the following qualities do you think a good schoolshould have? Students who like to help each other, knowledgeable teachers orstrict rules.

  1. What program would you like to participate in?

  2. 1) teaching kids how to recycle

  3. 2) how to do gardening

  4. 3) how to eat healthier

  1. Is it important to be polite and have good manners?

  1. Describe a behavior that many people may do in public that you findinconsiderate.

  1. Which of following aspects do you think contributes most tocountry's success?

  2. 1)     many business opportunities

  3. 2)     well rounded medical caresystem

  4. 3)     a developed educational system

  1. When traveling, do you prefer to stay at one place for a long time or spend less time but visit more places? Explain your answer in details.

  1. The university is recruiting volunteers to help the communityprotect the environment. Which of the following would you choose to do?

  2. 1)     Pick up trash and litters onthe street;

  3. 2)     plant trees and flowers;

  4. 3)     teach children about protectingthe environment.

Task 2:

  1. Do you agree or disagree thattaking personal computer into class will no longer be allowed?

  1. If you have more money, youwant to spend your money on objects like clothes and electronic devices orspend your money on experience.

  1. What are the advantages anddisadvantages of expelling students from their school, if they are caughtcheating in exams?

  1. When your friend is about totake a visit to your house. Do you prefer them to inform you before theircoming, or do you prefer a surprise visit?

  1. Do you like talking to peopleface to face, or sending text messages or emails?

  1. Do you agree with thestatement: it is easier for people today to lead a healthy life than people of100 years ago?

  1. Some people prefer recordinglife by taking pictures or keeping diaries, others prefer doing nothing. Whichone do you prefer?

  1. Some people believe that it isbetter for children to grow up in big cities. Others believe that it is betterfor children to grow up in small towns or rural areas. What is your opinion andwhy? Use specific reasons and examples to support your response.

  1. Some students prefer to go touniversities or colleges in their hometown. Others prefer to go to universitiesor colleges in new cities or towns. Which do you prefer and why? Includedetails and examples in your explanation.

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: For thesuccess of business, it is important to be friendly and outgoing?

  1. Some students would prefer to live with roommates. Others wouldprefer to live alone. Which opinion would you prefer and why?

  1. Some people believe the government should invest money in a programdesigned to save and protect endangered species of animals. Others believe thatmoney for such programs should only come from private sources. Which point ofview do you agree with?

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All studentsshould attend social activities such as join a club or a sports team in school.

  1. Some people like to befriend people who share the same opinion.Others like to befriend someone who holds different ideas. Which do you prefer?

  1. Some people speak out in class. Others prefer to listen and quietlyobserve. Which do you think leads to greater success in school? Why?

  1. Some people prefer take a job with a single task, others prefer to domultiple tasks on a job. Which do you prefer?

  1. Some people want to change their appearance, even by surgery. Do youagree or disagree? Give your reasons.

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that it’s easier toteach elementary school kids than college students?

  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: it is moreimportant to maintain relationship with family members than with friends?

20. Do you agree or disagree thatcelebrities such as artists and athlete should be the role model for people?




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